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Produced by Faith is a must-read for anyone embarking on their career, in the midst of their career, or in the process of making a career transition. Its power lies in its prolific insights couched in compassion and a core commitment to faith as the central genesis of one's career progression. In Produced by Faith, DeVon Franklin expertly uses the analytic framework of the development and production stages in a film's creation as lenses through which to study one's search for his/her life's purpose.The book is a beautiful combination of deeply spiritual introspection and practical career strategy, which makes the author's powerful assertion about the role faith plays in our careers all the more revolutionary. The book also gave me the courage to believe that success is not determined by external indicia of money, fame or power, but instead characterized by a deeply held sense of contentment and peace, rooted in an alignment with a higher purpose. I love this book and I encourage you to read it and share it with your friends. I have been so surprised by the discussions this book has generated and continue to be amazed by how its lessons live, breathe and find root in every day of my life. Prasanna

When I was told about this book, it tickled my curiosity so I went and got one. When I started to read it, I was totally fascinated by the way Devon was putting our lives as it were, scripted, and we are the directors of the script. Now, my friend and I are writing people out of our script, changing dialogues and lines to suit our journey and goals. It's amazing how easy it is to do when you look on your life knowing you're in control of it. Even when interferences may come, you can just flip the script, and not feel compelled to go along with it. Great illustrations. I've already recommended it to others!

Reminding yourself that faith is often what is tucked away between your hope and you dreams, DeVon Franklin's book inspires you to reach for your own greatness and light in this world without compromising youself and your values. As the author takes you through the steps of producing a movie, the steps really guide you through the most important production you will ever be involved in - your life. Once you read this book, you will want to talk to and share your thoughts with everyone that will listen because you will have a renewed faith in the world and all the amazing possibilities that are waiting to happen. Pick up this book..because when you do, you won't be able to put it down! Paula
All of us know what it is like to feel lost and without direction. If you have ever been in a place in your life where it seems as though no one cares or nothing matters, than PRODUCED BY FAITH by DeVon Franklin is just the right kind of book for you. Cyrus
My mother first told me about this book after watching an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show. I decided to purchase on my kindle fire and have read this book more than 3 times. The book is soo user friendly and helpful, I am soo thankful that I learned of this talented young man. His work ethic really made me think about being better organized in my life. Go for your dreams without giving up ideals or virtue. It is an amazing book and I would suggest everyone read it. This book is real and genuine and an overall good read. Thanks Mr. Franklin for such a wonderful and inspiring story, continue to be produced by faith. Mel
Giving honor to God for this magnificent book. Devon I want you to know I was truly blessed while ready your book. Everything that was written was of God's truth. I was able to relate and appreciate your honesty. This book is an encouraged for all ages. When I tell my friends and family about the book you would have thought I wrote it. That's how excited I get when I speak on it! Just awesome! I rated this book a 5 because it captured every aspect in life. I love the way it was protrayed. Written in movie form, but followed up with real life situations. I can't wait for the next one! Thank u Devon for being obedient! Kimberly
There are countless books on how to succeed in life, as well as countless books that seek to inspire. What is so wonderfully unique about DeVon's beautifully written book is that it combines both themes and wraps them around the steps required to get a movie produced. If all you wanted to learn was the life-cycle of creating a movie, this book is worth it. The delightful surprises, though, come in his weaving the parallels of movie making into the phases of our growth as persons; real enlightenment happens in his blending of these. DeVon's spirituality (Christian) infuses those enlightening insights, but he shares them in such a light manner that this book isn't likely to thwart a non-Christian. The insights ring true, regardless. Joel
I loved this book from beginning to end. It speaks to your faith and what you believe in and how to navigate in this world without compromising. I feel this book is written on such a personal level that you will feel like it is speaking directly to you. I love this book! I was able to relate to every single word I read and it felt like a manual on life. I highly recommend it for those who are looking for a deeper and more meaningful life experience. Farah
After reading "Produced by Faith," a well-written book featuring many of DeVon's personal life experiences, you will want to read it again and again. It's not just a book; it's a road map to success that's based on integrity and character. DeVon not only encourages but he points out how to do so step-by-step within each chapter of the book. I came away from "Produced by Faith," renewed and ready for lights, camera, and action! It's definitely a must read. Alreatha
A profound read and very inspiring. I loved especially when Mr. Franklin touched upon his observing the Sabbath and making God first place in his life. His strong faith showed me how I must never give up in spite of the circumstances and to trust God no matter what. I love how he spoke about his childhood, the strength of his mother and his moves from one place to another in the movie industry to finally achieve his dreams at Sony. Lastly, his words have given me insight on how to not be intimidated to approach people regardless of title or status. Overall, this book was a page turner from the beginning and is a must read for anyone who has doubts about pursuing their dreams and how to include the Word of God daily as spiritual vitamin. This book truly nourished my soul. Wanda
Produced by Faith truly fed my inner/spiritual man as well as my outer/natural man. He provides a great example of what it means to follow one's passion, operate in integrity, and maintain resiliency through life's challenges. Produced by Faith is not only his story, but a guide book for anyone in any realm of influence, not just Hollywood, whose goal is to live an uncompromising value-driven life. C.D.
I bought this book from a store because when I heard about it, I couldn't even wait for the shipping. I opened it up, and didn't put it down until I was more than halfway finished. I was so impressed with how well the book was able to keep my attention, and with the many practical and applicable lessons. Mr. Franklin has definitely provided a service by sharing his experience and the results of his commitment to his faith. I would recommend this book for anyone who is searching for success in ANY arena. It can certainly be applied beyond career advancement. Lydia
I had an exciting time reading this book. It kept me inspired and in "awe of the metaphors". It gave clarity to what the Lord said to me one morning years ago, "read your scripture". I then repeated it and got the revelation "read your script". It has already been written just for me (and) you. Predestined, ordained, in your mother's womb, etc... Kathy
I was browsing Amazon looking for information about a different book and I kept being drawn to DeVon Franklin's Produced by Faith. Now I left Christianity over 20 years ago and the title Produced by Faith and Devon's devotion to Christianity had me skeptical, but for some unknown reason I bought it. When I started reading it I felt as though he was talking to me directly. Xai
This book did exactly what I needed it to do. It gave me much needed clarity and perspective on how to navigate my ambition the Christian way, and make sense of life's cycles for promotion. His testimony has really become somewhat of a road map for dealing with delay and using it as a training ground to build the character that success requires. I constantly recommend this book, and fortunately due to my own turnaround in life, I'm becoming a compelling endorser. If you are in any stage in life, this book is for you. Thanks DeVon. Carl
This is a book that should be handed out at airports, train stations, and bus stations to every bright eyed and bushy tailed artist coming to make it in Hollywood. At the same time it is a great read everyone, in any line of work, can enjoy and implement. When you finish reading this book you will have a renewed faith; faith in God, faith in yourself, and faith in the unlimited possibilities for your life. Natasha

As he educates the reader on the fascinating process of filmmaking, he weaves in his personal faith journey and how it led to his success in an industry that does not exactly promote a Christian atmosphere.

I have already begun applying Mr. Franklin's advice to my own career and am reaping the benefits of viewing my work in writing as well as the humble and mundane duties of wife and mother as a vocation and part of God's plan.


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